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Tactile & antislip Surfaces

The requirement for providing safe, anti-slip surfaces, particularly in public areas, is becoming increasingly important for specifiers. The Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) specifies that all stairways used by members of the public comply with strict new requirements. Ruabon’s new modular range of anti-slip and tactile surfaces provides a one stop solution for specifiers, designers, facilities management and local authorities.

Full details of our tactile range can be found in "Technical Data Sheet #16 - Tactile Surfaces" (available as a downloadable Acrobat file on the Technical Data Sheets page – registration requested for new users).

Detailed anti-slip performance data on our products can be found in "Technical Data Sheet #6 - Slip Resistance" (also available on the Technical Data Sheets page).

Stairway tiles

A typical application for stairways using colour-defined steptreads,
anti-slip quarrundum tiles and tiles warning of change of level

Fully compliant with building regulations and DETR specifications for tactile paving surfaces, when used in conjunction with the extensive Ruabon range of standard quarry tiles and fittings they provide a seamless solution to every conceivable application.

Together with tactile blister surfaces for pedestrian crossings and platform edge and studded tiles for wet, barefoot areas, the Ruabon range now caters for more special situations than ever before.

Plain tiles

Plain tiles are suitable for normal/occasionally wet applications.

Quarrundum antislip tiles

Quarrundum tiles are suitable for ramps, slopes and frequently wet areas. Impregnated silicon grit provides a highly durable, anti-slip surface.

Studded antislip tiles

Studded tiles are ideal for all 'barefoot' applications.

Tactile tiles

Tactile tiles provide conformity for partially sighted applications.

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